Week Three: Visitors to outer space.

In which our beautiful friends visit for a taste of the winter sun, some sand sliding and yes, we found Topo Chico in Twentynine Palms. We installed a new toilet to conserve water and i visited NAMM in LA to get my senses stripped by endless shredding. Found my way back here asap - living far from civilization hasn't worn off yet. 

Week One: All hell breaks loose.

We left San Francisco. Despite the deep love of the desert that had been brewed carefully over the last eight years of Wonder Valley home ownership, we knew it'd be an adjustment. Guess what? it was an adjustment but more 'wonderous' (nope, no pun intended) than worrying. Of note:

Day 1: We have way too much stuff. Note to self; when leaving standard society for stripped down off-grid living in a small house - Don't bring stuff. Our storage room looks great though!

Day2: Our cat loves the desert. We're terrified and grateful for her immediate affinity with the surroundings - must be her Texas roots. Does anyone have advice for cats in the desert aside from 'don't do it'?

Day 3: Lighting up the sky. Big rainstorm hits Wonder Valley. This is not a frequent occurrence out here; despite neighbouring Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms getting occasional rainfall - Wonder Valley often ducks out and parts the clouds before those much-needed droplets can break the sandy crust (locals will refer to it as Umbrella Valley). Anyway, the accompanying wind knocked a power cable from its insulator and it hung low against the pole out back. Said pole gets wet, begins to conduct the current and sets the pole on fire despite the rain. We see it glittering in the dark out back and wonder just what alien activity is coming to visit. A few minutes and we've called the Fire Department and are watching from a safe-ish distance. A few more minutes and with a dreadful hair-raising hum, the cable explodes in a giant lightning bolt and sends a Back to the Future-esque sheet of flame for a few hundred yards as it crashes in to the wet ground. Silence and darkness. Fire department couldn't find our house this far out. Ok, that was interesting.

Day 4: Mailbox installed. Funny the things you take for granted in life.

Day 6: The sky is mind blowing in winter months.

Wonder Valley sunrise. January 10th 2016

Wonder Valley sunrise. January 10th 2016

Day 7: We are HERE. Leaving SF was tough and there were so many things i thought could go awry. We're here, its beautiful and it feels more natural to this Surrey boy than anywhere i've ever been.