Audio from Wonder Valley, California.


This dusty corner of the Mojave desert inspired a lot of the music I wrote in the last ten years. Kings & Queens final record Jet in Carina was almost entirely conceived and all vocals were recorded here at the House of the Rising Sun. You can find that one here:

Since then i've been working on bits and pieces of music here and there, on tour, in hotel rooms, on the bus, at home in the middle of the night, in the desert as the sun rises. A lot of the tunes never seem to fit a particular project or were stalled at the 'sketch' phase. Often i prefer sketches to the 'final piece' so i started collecting them up as an eclectic mix of odd & ends that i named Mirrors. If you're on that same wavelength then you might enjoy some of these songs. Try this one from 2012.

Just Testing

Sometimes you have to test a car to its limit. Out in the back hills there's a lot of this. I can't pretend there's no thrill is discovering a relic, a redneck shipwreck in the middle of nowheresville; there's an pioneer moment for everyone who finds ANYTHING (60 year old beer cans are fascinating) in the desert. But its tempered by the fact that this old beast likely tore up a whole city of wildlife on its path to this titanic resting place.